Ensuring your new hires and current employees have the skills needed to perform their jobs should be an essential part of pre-employment screening. A candidate submits a CV that outlines the skills they have that are relevant to the position in question, but it’s very easy to lie with skills falsified on a CV.

Skills are more difficult to verify and there is also the matter of proficiency. By using a skills assessment as a part of your pre-employment screening process, it assists with the verification process.

Skills Assessments are tests designed to measure someone’s specific, tangible, and technical skills or abilities in a particular job or field. 

These assessments look at a candidate’s proficiency in specific skills, which aids an employer in making informed hiring choices. Skills assessments are ideal to ensure a candidate has the necessary skills to perform a job and save yourself the time needed for training the candidate after they’ve been hired. 

These assessments also determine how well an individual can perform tasks, solve problems, or apply knowledge in areas. Skills assessments include knowledge tests, skills tests, aptitude and attitude tests which can be utilised before making a hiring decision. 

There is much in the news regarding a lack of skills causing reputational or other damage within a company, “some 75% of employers in 21 European countries could not find workers equipped with the right skills” says EuroNews and the same is true in South Africa, especially with the unemployment rate as high as it currently is, people are desperate for jobs, and as a result, may well lie on their CV’s. 

Hiring unskilled workers is a problem that companies should take seriously and conducting a skills assessment offers several benefits:

iFacts offers a wide range of skills assessments that could be the difference between hiring unskilled workers, or the employee of the month. No matter the skills you require testing for, we have an assessment that will help you weed out the people you should hire, and those that wouldn’t be worth the risk. 

Hire with confidence, hire with iFacts. 

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