The recent Career Junction Employment Insights report is based on comprehensive data gathered from the Saongroup South Africa – where around 5,000 of the country’s top recruiters (both agencies and employers) advertise their positions to millions of registered jobseekers. Sadly the statistics reveal that unemployment in South Africa is over 35% with almost 8 million […]


A newly qualified teacher in South Africa typically earns around R33, 000 per month. Salaries range from R15, 800 to R60, 200. This would often include benefits. Sadly when looking for work many people are so driven by what they can or want to earn that they forget what they need to bring to the […]

Is Qualification Fraud On The Rise?

Is Qualification Fraud On The Rise? Recently there have been interesting news articles relating to qualification fraud and with organisations where you would believe that the verification of qualifications was the norm. In KZN a 29-year-old man is soon to appear in court for forging his matric certificate to enter university. It was alleged that […]

Doing Business In South Africa Requires Effective Due Diligence

Sadly, corruption is on the lips of virtually every South African in today’s world. In April 2022, the Civil Society Group Corruption Watch published its annual report for 2021, highlighting the types of corruption that have continued to affect the country post-pandemic. Corruption Watch stressed that South Africa’s government has failed in its efforts to make […]

The Great Resignation: Increasing Risks To Your Organisation

The Great Resignation was coined by Anthony Klotz, an associate professor of management at May Business School at Texas A&M University. According to Klotz the past 18 months have changed how people think about life, work, and what they want out of both. Industry commentators have added that the pandemic is more than just a […]

Cultivating a Culture of Integrity

Thousands of South Africans agree that the time has come to raise the South African business integrity meter but not many people really understand what that means or what it takes? Reassuring slogans and hard-hitting values exhibited on a company website may look good, but all that glitters is not always gold. What is integrity […]

The People Risk

In very broad terms, in today’s world I firmly believe that people bring one of the greatest risks to any organisation. When looking at the risk factor in the corporate environment, we generally consider the employee a small part of the risk prevention strategy and there are times when they have been excluded completely. Employee […]

Will A Fraudulent Document Keep You From Greener Pastures?

Sonya Skipp discusses the challenges a fraudulent driver’s license could create for you. Many will tell you that the road is long with many a winding turn. Truck drivers in South Africa sure have had a torrid time of late and a severe shortage of truck drivers in the US has led to more companies […]

Are You The Right Person To Be Driving That Car?

Adults are just as likely as teens to use their phones while driving and are substantially more likely to have talked on the phone while driving. 49% of adults say they have been passengers in a car when the driver was sending or reading text messages on their cell phone. A recent statement by the […]

Fraudulent Qualifications Back In The News

A recently passed law that affects the employee screening environment considerably is the National Qualifications Framework Amendment Bill which, prevents people from misrepresenting qualifications on their CVs and in job applications. It allows SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) to establish and maintain registers of misrepresented and fraudulent qualifications. It has been said that it will […]