The CV looks good, and the qualifications are genuine, but is the applicant right for the position you want to fill? How can you tell if this candidate is the best fit? By making use of an iFacts Integrity Assessment. iFacts has partnered with Integrity International (INTEG) to offer the widest range of psychometric and integrity tests that each offer specific information on a candidate so you can make an informed hiring decision.

iFacts provides a series of Integrity Assessments that will help determine the applicant’s suitability for the position, but you need to know which assessment will result in the information you want. We’ve broken them down for you.

iFacts Basic Integrity Profile – BIP

The BIP is aimed at entry-level jobs and was designed to shortlist candidates on the basis of their integrity. This assessment takes roughly 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

iFacts General Integrity Profile – GIP

The GIP offers a concise look at a candidate’s general integrity level as it compares to the rest of the population. It is based on the integrity that candidates show in their daily lives.

iFacts Basic Aptitude Profile – BAP

The BAP assessment looks at the aptitudes held by a candidate. This is a generalised look at what careers a person may be suited to. Think of this as a career decision-making tool that aims to assist people in choosing a career path or direction to go in.

iFacts Drivers Assessment Profile – DAP

The DAP is specifically for testing the suitability of a candidate for the transportation industry. This is for logistics companies to screen their drivers. The DAP uses the iFacts Integrity Measurement Tool – IMI, which is the simpler version of the IP-200.

iFacts Practical English Proficiency – PEP

The PEP looks at the level of understanding, comprehension, and expression using the English language. It also tests the verbal reasoning ability of a candidate and offers a strong indication of the applicant’s verbal intelligence.

iFacts Security Officer Assessment Profile – SAP

The SAP is specifically designed to determine the suitability of a candidate hoping to work in the security industry.

iFacts Comprehensive Aptitude Profile – CAP

The CAP gives a more detailed look at a person’s attributes and personality traits and how they help or hinder the person in various careers. The CAP uses iFacts Cognitive and Potential Assessment – COPAS which comprehensively measures the candidate’s cognitive function. This test results in a profile that looks at the six most important Cognitive Constructions, analytical, original, and figurative thinking in problem-solving, and accuracy.

iFacts Culture of Integrity Profile – IP: Culteg

The IP Culteg is designed to develop integrity within an organisation. It focuses on successfully rolling out a culture of integrity as well. The IP Culteg is a 30 minute test and is repeated in nine months in order to measure the progression of integrity as a culture in the organisation.

iFacts Short Personality at Work Assessment – SHORT PAW

The Short PAW is a fast and simple assessment of the personality of a candidate. It’s a broad, basic look into a person’s personality.

iFacts Integrity Profile – IP200

The IP200 is a comprehensive, diagnostic, and developmental tool that provides the user with over sixty measurement scales of the various elements involved in integrity. This test measures traits like socialization, trustworthiness, and credibility, in order to give an accurate and in-depth outline of a candidate’s integrity. The IP200 takes an hour to complete.

iFacts Personality at Work Assessment – MAIN PAW

The PAW is the most comprehensive and detailed personality test available. This test offers a holistic look at a candidate’s personality. This test can be used for all levels and to serve the full spectrum of needs a client, company, or organisation may have. The PAW takes an hour to complete.

iFacts Citizenship Integrity Assessment – OCB

The OCB assesses a candidate’s willingness to go the extra mile. This test offers a look at how likely it is that a candidate will assist co-workers, continue to develop their skills and serve the organization’s best interests, even if it is not “officially” required.

iFacts Counterproductive Work Behaviour Profile – CWB

The CWB measures the likelihood of the candidate demonstrating (or succumbing to) detrimental behaviour toward the organization. These behaviours include everything from a lack of commitment to sabotage or blatant aggression.

iFacts Brain Orientation Profile – BOP

The BOP measures the candidate’s dominant use of the left or right brain.

Those with left brain dominance are often more rational, analytical, and logical. They are more structured, factual, and detailed. Those with right brain dominance are often considered more creative, open-minded, flexible, and unstructured. They are thought to be more emotional, imaginary, artistic, and light-hearted (playful) in their orientation.

We offer a very wide variety of Integrity Assessments to suit every application. If you’d like us to guide you on which assessment is the right one for your needs, get in touch and we’ll work with you to determine the most fitting of our offerings.

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