A job application needs to have a few elements to be compelling. Every job vacancy could have hundreds of candidates applying, so, you need to stand out.

This is a guide on how to give your application the best chance of being chosen.

A CV should be sent with a cover letter that is unique to each job you apply for. Here are some tips on writing the perfect cover letter. 

How to Write Your Cover Letter:

Writing your CV:

A one-pager CV should follow the cover letter and act as a highlights reel for you. This is a concise summary of why you fit the requirements.

This should include:

Your CV needs to be a brochure of what the company will get if they hire you. Here are some tips on what your CV should look like. 

How To Make Your CV Really Stand Out:

We offer some additional items you could add to your application to ensure you are the obvious candidate for the job.

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