Employee screening companies offer in depth, validated information, and facts about your candidate. Holding an interview is not enough to grasp the full measure of your potential employees.

Screening companies are there to ensure that everything the candidate tells you about themselves is true, and backed up by records, certifications, or personal accounts from a legitimate employer from a legitimate business. Without verifying the information received, you open yourself up to the risk of falsified information and can result in untold damage, reputational or otherwise, to your business.

Employee screening companies provide any employer with the tools necessary to pre-emptively discover the risk, or lack thereof, of a candidate. Not only does employee screening ensure you find the right candidate, but it also provides long-term financial savings, this is due to the decrease in needing to hire and fire people until you find the correct person for the job.  

A bad hire could cost your company a significant amount of money in the long term. Calculate just how much here.

Is Your Employee Screening Supplier Compliant?

Employee screening companies need to comply with a variety of laws and regulations to avoid breeching the law. Ensuring that your employee screening supplier is compliant is necessary as they’re dealing with sensitive personal information.

In South Africa, screening companies need to be fully compliant with the following regulations and legislature:

We’ve put together questions that you should ask your employee screening company of choice before you partner with them. By asking these questions, you can avoid the risk of questionable business practices and non-compliance.

Employee Screening Questions: 

The first step towards eradicating losses caused by fraud, corruption and theft is through prevention.

Choose iFacts as your employee screening company of choice.

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