Losing your academic record is stressful. You need these records for things like applying for jobs when you are recently out of school or to pursue higher education. We can help.  

To obtain the missing academic record, the candidate will typically need to contact the educational institution where they studied and request an official transcript or academic record.  

Steps on how to obtain an academic record: 

1. Identify the Educational Institution: 

Recall the educational institution you attended and from which you need to obtain the academic record. This could be a school, college, university, or any other educational organization. 

2. Contact the Registrar’s Office:   

Reach out to the registrar’s office or equivalent administrative department at the educational institution. You can usually find their contact information on the institution’s website or a reception number that will direct you to the registrar. Additionally, you can visit the institution or send an email to them, and they will advise on what the next steps are.  

3. Request an Official Transcript: 

Request your official transcript or academic record. This is a document that lists your courses, results, and other relevant academic information that proves you attended the institution.

4. Complete any Required Forms: 

The institution may have a specific form or online system for transcript requests. You might need to fill out and submit a request form in person or online. 

5. Provide Identification and Payment: 

You may be required to provide identification, such as a government-issued ID, and pay a fee for processing your request. The fee can vary from one institution to another. 

6. Specify Delivery Method: 

Indicate how you wish to receive your academic record. You can often choose between physical copies mailed to you or electronic transcripts sent to another institution, like a prospective employer or another school. 

7. Wait for Processing: 

Academic record requests typically take some time to process. Processing times can vary, but many institutions aim to fulfil requests within a few business days to weeks.

8. Verify Accuracy: 

After receiving your academic record, review it carefully to ensure that all the information is accurate and complete. If you find any errors, contact the institution to have them corrected. 

After receiving the academic record, iFacts is able to verify this with the institute directly and an academic record can be used in place of the lost degree since it will have all the information of the candidate and it will state that the candidate completed the qualification.

In the case, that the qualification was incomplete it will also state that the qualification is incomplete. 

This is a necessity to prove you did receive the qualification you have stated you have, and organisations or other higher learning institutions will check to verify they are accurate. If they are inaccurate, you could end up in trouble as qualifications fraud is illegal.

iFacts offers qualification verifications so you can present your employer or potential employer with a pre-verified qualification that will help save them time and hopefully push you to the top of the potential candidate’s list.

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