Ensuring candidates have the necessary skills for the job is an invaluable part of the pre-employment screening process and should become standard practice for every business. A CV may look impressive, but if your candidate is not required to prove their skills, you may be in for a surprise when they begin working for you. Anyone can create a compelling CV that uses all the right buzzwords and makes them look like a model employee, but it should be necessary to have proof of the skills they list, if not to prove they are exactly as stated, then at least to determine the level of proficiency.

Skills assessment testing is a fantastic way to find that information, to learn if a candidate is qualified, or if their skills are good enough that they can be taught what they do not know. It’s better to know upfront what a candidate will bring to the table or the level of training they will need before you hire them, so you can make an informed decision.

Proper pre-employment screening should include skills assessments for a variety of reasons that will ultimately benefit your company. Skills assessment testing allows you to reduce hiring time, costs, and staff losses. It will also help to improve training return on investment and ensure a smaller skill gap for new employees.

A properly skilled employee will save your business time and money, and this is most simply ascertained during pre-employment screening. Skills assessment testing is an ideal tool for HR recruitment departments, staffing or consulting firms, training personnel, and resource management personnel.

Hiring a candidate with the right skills and knowledge will aid in lower training costs, reduce staff turnover, and lower hiring costs overall. Hiring the wrong person may cost significantly more than expected due to damaged property, product returns, poor workmanship, bad customer service, and more. iFacts can help you keep your costs down while still finding the perfect candidate to help your business grow.

Proper pre-employment screening will help lessen the time spent doing comprehensive interviews, reduce the risk of hiring a candidate who lacks the necessary skills, and remove the stress of attempting to solve the problem when it’s discovered the candidate was the wrong person for the job.

iFacts offers a myriad of employee screening and vetting services for potential or existing employees, which includes Skills assessment testing. Our Skills assessment testing encompasses a variety of assessments, like pre-hire assessments for employment screening, training assessments for pre-training and post-training testing, and certification programs. Our assessments offer an in-depth look at each candidate’s skills, aptitudes, and attitudes to ensure that you hire the perfect candidate for the job.

There’s no use in hiring a fabulously skilled worker with no desire to work, over someone who needs a little training but is enthusiastic about learning. iFacts offers valuable insight into a candidate, during pre-employment screening so you can select the most valuable team member for your business.

By working with iFacts and making thorough pre-employment screening, part of your business’s hiring process, you will save yourself time and money, and increase the chances of hiring a candidate who will truly benefit your company. Through our various assessments, we help you find a candidate who will be qualified, hardworking, and a real asset to your company.

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