Conferences and exhibitions are back, and learning abounds. At iFacts, we have been attending local and international events and brought back some fascinating information for the office and our clients.

Sonya Skipp and Jenny Reid attended the most significant international employee screening conference and exhibition in Denver, USA. Skipp said that it is worth attending the PBSA conference because it helped to understand the global impact that employee screening had on preventing the insider threat on businesses. 

She pointed out that whilst criminal record checks continued to be the most sought-after international background check, there were lots of legal, operational, and access challenges whilst conducting these checks throughout the world. Considerations companies should make when looking at services provided by such companies should not only be on pricing; they also should look at:

  1. How secure is the platform used by the screening company is.
  2. The turnaround time for checks – clients need to ensure it’s working for them and enhancing their recruitment policy. Better speed equals faster growth.  
  3. Customer support from employee screening companies is critical. 
  4. Input from the employee screening company on what checks enhance their recruitment was essential to widen the perception of an adequate background check. More and more companies are embracing psychometric, and personality tests and social media risk assessments. 

Some of the statistics from the recent local and international conferences were:

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