Does Your Employee Screening Policy Include Rescreening Of Employees?

Whilst the initial employee screening checks are essential, some of them, e.g., a qualification verification, do not need to be done again.

However, several checks do need to be checked regularly.


If you have included a criminal record check in your policy and it is an industry requirement, it is essential that you diarise to re-check the records. In South Africa, it is possible to re-submit fingerprints taken to conduct a criminal record check and get a new record.


If the position allows you to conduct a credit check, re-checking it is essential. A person’s credit rating can change in a very short space of time, and this can be a red flag to watch and will often indicate a change in an individual’s lifestyle. If the employee has declared financial difficulty, it is an excellent sign of ethics and integrity, but they may be afraid to declare it or have dishonest intentions.


In most countries, a driver’s license is valid for a specific period, and the employee needs to renew their license to drive legally and be covered by insurance. This would also include Public Driving Permits that expire more regularly than a driver’s license.


Current figures indicate that over 6000 tweets are made per second globally, and 5 new Facebook profiles are opened every 10 seconds. On social media we all unwittingly tend to expose more than we would do in an interview. This gives a glimpse into the person that will enter your workplace and gives a good indication of whether they will fit the corporate culture of your organisation and if they could pose a possible risk to your organisation.

iFacts provides this vital service tool for all employers. The Social Media Check which is available locally and internationally has major benefits to companies as it lowers the risks of bad hires, while matching the personality traits of the employee to the company culture. For employees it adds value to their CV, increases chances of a successful interview and enhances job security.


An integrity test is a specific type of personality test designed to assess an applicant’s tendency to be honest, trustworthy, and dependable. A lack of integrity is associated with such counterproductive behaviors as theft, violence, sabotage, disciplinary problems, and absenteeism. Integrity tests can also be valid measures of overall job performance. This is not surprising because integrity is strongly related to conscientiousness, itself a strong predictor of overall job performance.

iFacts supply our clients with assessments which are able to ascertain the true integrity of an employee.

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