“Insider threat refers to the risk posed by those already within an organisation who have authorised physical or cyber access to an organisation but intentionally or unintentionally misuse or compromise them.” – Insider Threat blog by iFacts.

We’ve looked at insider threats from a business perspective, however, this particular threat can extend even further. Sometimes, the insider threat moves beyond the workplace and can be inside your home. External people can have authorised physical access to your home, your belongings, and your most valuable possession, your family.

Domestic workers, au pairs, babysitters, tutors, carers for the elderly, and more are all welcomed into your home and may even have unfettered access to your home during the time they’re there. These external service providers are not all trustworthy. A domestic worker has full access to take anything in your home, au pairs and tutors have access to your children and carers have easy access to your most vulnerable loved ones. There is no telling what people could be capable of, thus, proper screening and vetting is necessary for those who come into your home.

Social media risk assessments are one of the many checks that we suggest you do on your service providers. Social media is a treasure trove of information people may not want employers to have access to. People are more comfortable on social media than they are in a job interview, meaning you’re more likely to gain the true measure of a person from their social media than in an interview. Social media risk assessments are ideal to check for any concerning behaviours or overly showy representations of someone’s life.

Combine a social media risk assessment with a lifestyle audit, and you can ensure that your child’s tutor or au pair, is kind, shares normal young person’s social media posts and lives a wholesome life. You can also ensure they are not sharing pictures of your missing diamond earrings or posting drunken selfies every day. You can use these checks to make sure your domestic worker isn’t involved with nefarious characters or has no family drama that may impact you.

These checks can and should be used when hiring a carer for the elderly. We’ve seen horrific videos of so-called carers abusing and mistreating their vulnerable and elderly charges with little to no recourse. This is not the kind of person you want looking after your vulnerable loved ones.

Social media risk assessments and lifestyle audits are just some of the screening and vetting checks we suggest you make use of when hiring someone to come into your home. Qualifications verifications, integrity assessments, driver’s license verifications, and criminal record checks are other checks that would serve you well.

iFacts believes in ensuring you know exactly who’s working for you, or in this case, who’s inside your home. Mitigate the risk of insider threats with iFacts screening and vetting services.

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