South African university dropout rates are high, and our graduation rates are low. Did you know, 50-60% of first-year students drop out of university, and our graduation rate is only 15%. That is one of the lowest graduation rates in the world.

This does not bode well for South Africa’s future. Students drop out for a variety of reasons, including financial reasons, family commitments, and most of all, they drop out because they have chosen the wrong course. Many students jump from course to course because they don’t know what they truly want to do or what career they are best suited for.

This uncertainty begins in grade nine as learners choose subjects to take to matric and eventually university. If they don’t choose the correct subjects when they are fourteen or fifteen years old, they may end up dropping out of university or having an unfulfilling career later in life.

That’s an incredible amount of pressure to put on a child who still must ask permission to go to the bathroom during class. This decision impacts their future and can cause a great deal of stress if learners have no guidance. The same can be said for university students who are on average only eighteen years old. That’s very young to be making potentially life-changing decisions.

This is why career aptitude assessments are so important when making these big decisions. These assessments look at a person’s aptitudes in general and offer up suggestions of careers that they may be suited for. Career Aptitude Profiles may well aid in reducing the number of university dropouts as well as increasing the likelihood that a fulfilling career may be achieved.

It’s important that this assessment goes along with an outline of what exactly each career entails to ensure the student in question understands their options and can make an informed decision on what they will study or the subjects they’ll choose.

We need to keep in mind that new careers develop practically overnight as technology advances. Careers we cannot even imagine today will come into existence in the years to come, so outlining an individual’s personal strengths, passions, and proficiencies is just as important as career suggestions.

The iFacts Career Aptitude Profile looks at the individual’s general aptitudes to suggest careers they may be suited for as well as detailing how the individual’s traits may translate into being suited for each career. This assessment is ideal for learners, university students, or adults looking to determine if they’re on the correct or most fulfilling career path for them.

This assessment is a fantastic way to delve into the reality of an individual’s aptitudes and may be incredibly helpful in choosing a career. Keep in mind though, that more and more these days, we are seeing people having more than one career in their lives. Often these multiple careers are completely different from one another.

Let iFacts remove some of the stress involved in deciding your career with our Career Aptitude Profile.

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