Artificial Intelligence tools are advancing, and they’re advancing fast. Across all industries and positions, AI tools are muscling in and managing to successfully do pieces of our jobs.

But how does that translate to human resources? Can artificial intelligence tools take over the human factor we are so reliant on? Should HR professionals be concerned?

We don’t think so.

Sonya Skipp, General Manager of iFacts says, “While AI will prove to be faster, more efficient, and more accurate, the human factor around Human Resources can never be lost or replaced. Employees will always need a person to see at some stage of their tenure in a business.”

Managing people is a difficult job however, AI can take the burden off HR professionals in many valuable ways. Areas like staff onboarding, managing leave applications, shift management, and sifting through thousands of applications and CVs. They can make payroll easier, ensure there’s no human error in leave deductions, approve or deny bonuses, automatically assess leave applications, and a great many other tasks. AI tools can be left in charge of the time-consuming or mundane tasks that take time away from the more valuable parts of the job that require humanity.
It’s hard to do all those tasks AND ensure that your company is an employer of choice.  

Using AI tools helps to streamline processes and make things more efficient, leaving humans free to focus on higher tasks like connecting with employees. Jobs that require creativity, strategy, empathy, and compassion. AI tools do not have any emotional capacity and thus do not understand things like an employee being on the verge of a breakdown, and that they should be given compassionate leave. Or that someone isn’t thriving in their current department or role and would be happier in another department or role.

AI isn’t a threat, it can do the heavy lifting, whilst you can focus on adding real value to your company by being empathetic, intuitive, connected, and human. AI can’t necessarily factor in things like company culture, a candidate’s personality, and various psychological factors that may come into play. It can, however, do all the tasks that are not focused on managing people, so you can ensure retention and make your company an employer of choice, especially with Gen Z and Millennial employees.

iFacts offers AI-based services to help with employee screening. Our online interview services work with an integrated software platform that we personalize for a client. The interview is conducted online, and a link is sent to the candidate to complete. The client can then log in and view the completed interview from the candidate. 

We also offer onboarding surveys which allow the employer to see the candidate’s results at any stage of the process. The survey is tailored to suit the client’s needs.

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