Are Your Employees Alive Or Dead, Or Maybe They Are Just A Figment Of Someone’s Imagination.

State-owned passenger rail company Prasa are allegedly still chasing ghosts, with an investigation looking into thousands of unidentifiable workers on its payroll.

Responding to a written parliamentary Q&A recently, the minister of transport, Fikile Mbalula, said that an investigation into suspected ‘ghost workers’ on the Prasa payroll flagged 2,143 employees as suspicious – including 1,480 who could not be physically verified.

Meanwhile, 1,159 workers resigned at the start of the investigation.

A simple ID Verification would determine whether an employee is “Alive “or “Dead” thus eliminating the use of false IDs as a form of Identification, while a Bank Account Verification will allow the owner of the bank account to be batched to the bank account, avoiding salary payments to be routed to incorrect or ghost accounts.

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