Just a few reasons to ensure that your assessment and hiring processes are battened down:

The average job posting in South Africa receives up to 250 applications, 75% of applicants are unqualified for the job, 88% are not strong enough to move forward to an interview, and the average time taken to successfully fill a vacancy is 39 days. The best talent is hired within the first 10 days.

The high costs of a bad hire for any company are significant. Yet still some businesses are reluctant to conduct employment screening and background checks and unwisely assume that potential employees have the company’s best interest at heart.

Employers can be held responsible for employee behaviour whether the harm they cause is physical, psychological, or financial harm to the company or a fellow employee. Effective employee screening and background checks are essential in demonstrating reasonable care in the hiring process, which is critical to managing employer risk and reducing the possibility of a catastrophic event.

A properly designed and professionally managed employee screening program can reduce corporate risk and improve business results. Companies with a well-screened workforce experience these benefits and more:

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