Jenny, the owner of iFacts, is one of those crazy people who cannot allow grass to grow under her feet. Jenny not only looks for places to grow iFacts but looks to give back.

Recently Jenny and her husband, Neil, went on their 5th Put Foot Rally through Southern Africa. This is a social rally where people from all over the world learn to travel Southern Africa safely, in all types of vehicles and give back to the community. Jenny and Neil did the rally in a 1980 Datsun Safari that was originally owned by her Dad. They had a wonderful time and contributed to 2000 children being given a new pair of school shoes and socks.
If you would like to know more about their journey follow the Raving Reids Face Book page.

Click here to view the Raving Reids Face Book page.

As we rush towards the end of the year Jenny has spoken at a recent Ultima Financial Planners workshop discussing Retirement Coaching. This whole new approach to employee wellness and development will be discussed in our next newsletter.

We look forward to Jenny speaking at the following conferences:

September 2018:

CAMPROSA at Spier Wine Farm – Jenny discussed the True Value of Having a Social Media Screening and Management Policy in place.

Please click here to download the CAMPROSA presentation.

CADA Conference at Fancourt – Jenny discussed the value of having a responsible Employee Screening Policy in place.

Please click here to download the CADA presentation.

October 2018:

NAPBS Conference in Baltimore –  Jenny will discuss how Employee Screening in Southern Africa works and is different to the rest of the world.

December 2018:

2nd CSO 360 Pulse Conferences Congress in Vienna.

Should you wish to hear Jenny speak or want her to speak at one of your conferences please contact us on

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