I read with interest recently that pupils at a school were going to boycott lessons because they were not allowed to wear skinny pants. This sparked a whole debate about whether or not schools should have uniforms etc.

I remember being at school (albeit many years ago) and not being happy that we had to wear white ankle socks in summer and this created a sock tan – heaven forbid we should have to walk around like that. Now when I look back I would not change it for the world – it created a traditional feeling and it also made the playing fields level and no matter how rich or poor your parents were we all wore the same clothes and were equal in the classroom. I personally feel that this is a great idea and shudder to think what it would cost to clothe teenagers going to school every day in designer gear and whatever else is trendy at the moment.

At iFacts we wear uniforms to work and there are some days I do not feel like wearing a uniform at all but it creates a form of identity for the company and we look smart. What is “cool??? for some is not so flattering for others. I also believe that I save a fortune on clothes for work.

Let’s share some ideas on what is good and bad about a uniform.

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