I have always had an issue with criminal record checks being part of the pre-employment or background screening industry. I know that it is the most common check globally but with the new GDPR and Ban the Box initiatives I do wonder how this is going to change.

In South Africa I do not believe that by having a policy that allows anyone with no criminal record to be employed is a safe option. Sadly our convictions rates are very low and many people have little faith in our police service and do not report many crimes.

An analysis of the South Africa crime statistics is well documented in the link below but sadly it does not contain the current conviction rate. South Africa Crime Statistics

Conviction rates remain a debatable issue and I think it is safe to say that if crime is reported or detected, thoroughly investigated and prosecuted there could be a higher conviction rate but the criminals who get away with varying levels of crime remains very high. Do you want to be employing someone with criminal intentions remains the big question and I do not believe that a criminal record check will ensure you are safely employing people with integrity.

An interesting new article reveals that some criminals have in fact been studying whilst in prison and could have through a rehabilitation program. Do you think that this will protect you in the workplace? Click here to read more.

My belief is that we need to seriously consider the risks a company would face by employing someone and the risks need to be addressed for that position. We have done extensive research on the more common positions and have put together recommendations on the checks that should be done for specific positions. We believe that this will be more effective than merely following a tick box process and would be happy to share ideas with you. Click here to view our recommendations.


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