In today’s world, recruiters are saying that they have a greater need to recruit people with soft skills. For many this is an iffy situation but when you look at the following list I for one know that I would want an employee with these skills.

• Problem Solving
• People Management Skills
• Critical Thinking
• Creativity
• Decision Making
• Negotiation Skills
• Flexibility

The real challenge now comes in how to assess for these skills. Verifying information on a CV is relatively easy if you have the right resources but the soft skills assessment is a specific test.

At iFacts we have two tests that are available.

The first one measures emotional intelligence through a scale called SELF-CONTROL. It measures the “ability to reflect??? of the person before they act, the process of reasoning and judgement. People who have a high Axis of Self-Control tend to be rational and more cold and controlled. They base their behaviour and responses on logic and facts. People who have a low on the Axis of Low Self-Control tend to be more emotional, sensitive and spontaneous. They base their behaviour and responses on their feelings and emotions.

The second set of tests measures:
• Cognitive and potential by measuring the candidates current mental ability as well as the potential to develop and eventual cognitive capacity if the optimal opportunity and stimulation is available.
• A level of lie detection and consistency which provides conclusive information on all angles relative to the individual’s personality.
• Emotional intelligence as well as the entrepreneurial orientation

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