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iFacts offers its clients a unique and comprehensive Employee / Corporate Wellness Programme, providing its clients with the tools necessary to create a culture of well-being and employee health that boosts staff morale and positively reduces absenteeism, staff turnover and healthcare costs. These services include extensive and tailor-made Employee Wellness Programmes that are unique to the organisation and its employees, as well as inspirational teambuilding activities and essential counselling services to assist employees in managing personal and financial challenges.



A growing body of research shows that happier employees are more creative, motivated, committed and productive. Businesses that employee happy employees also see reduced levels of absenteeism and greater productivity with a direct impact on their bottom-line. The good news is that happiness can be taught. Contact iFacts today, to find out how to implement the HappyMeter into your organisation.

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Healthy Refreshments

iFacts, in partnership with Amat Beverages, can assist in the supply of general office groceries in the Gauteng area as well as tea and coffee packs made up to suit the requirement of each client. This unique services, frees up time and human resources so companies can focus on the task of getting down to business.

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Financial Advice

Employees with financial pressure not only experience acute levels of stress, but could also become an unwarranted threat to any organisation. iFacts, through its comprehensive Employee Wellness suite of services, can assist your employees with effective financial management and planning, helping them to reduce debt and make sound financial decisions with a positive impact of their future.

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HR Climate Surveys

Corporate Climate is the general feeling and atmosphere within an organisation that is mainly created by the attitudes of its managers towards their work, staff and customers. The Corporate Climate of any organisation has a direct impact on productivity, creativity, and customer focus.

How employees feel about their jobs, the significance of their work, and their relationship with their boss/co-workers, what they believe about standards of acceptable behaviour and accountability for results, have a critical impact on the organisation’s ability to drive desired and predictable results. The sum of employee behaviours determines organisational performance.

The same applies to your clients. Are you providing them with a valuable service or goods, do you deliver on time etc. Do you have information you think your employer should know about? Use the form below to send your anonymous email to us.

Understanding your company’s Corporate Climate is very valuable for future business growth development and success. The iFacts Corporate Climate Survey can be distributed internally, to your staff or externally to customers, depending on your requirements and objectives.

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Loyalty Questionnaires

It is a well known fact that there is a connection between high levels of customer loyalty and high levels of staff retention. We know that customers purchase from people they have good relationships with and are knowledgeable about the company. iFacts offers a range of Loyalty Questionnaires that will help you to determine the Loyalty of your customers, as well as the Loyalty of your employees.

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Recruitment Assistance

iFacts offers companies and individuals a range of recruitment services. For companies, we assist in ensuring that the people you employ have been upfront about their experience and qualifications. Fr individuals we can assist in the compilation of a professional CV and assist in choosing the right mechanisms to facilitate your employment search.

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Free Wellness Programme for Corporate Wellness

The basic iFacts Wellness package is available free of charge to any individual wishing to register with iFacts. Business Boost is provided via an online login for each individual.

This will give the individual:

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  • Nutritional advice
  • Exercise advice
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Personal financial advice
  • Free risk assessment that can assess the security of their home
  • Suggested personal budget
  • Daily motivational message
  • Free annual credit check


Should a company wish to engage with employees and obtain monthly feedback on trends and activities in the organisation, this service is available at a monthly cost of R50 per employee.

In addition to the above you will be able to obtain access to:

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  • Email hotline
  • Regular security questionnaires
  • Hosting of a database of past employees and contractors including free screening of potential employees and contractors
  • Facility to send branded email communication to the staff via the daily communication tool
  • Monthly report on security information gathered via the system

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