Data fraud and theft is an enormous global industry and when we recently awoke to find that a large amount of personal data had been stolen from Experian in South Africa, many were terrified and did not know what this meant for them. Basically it means that your personal details and financial history may have been compromised which could result in you having your identity impersonated.

According to the South African Banking Risk Centre (Sabric) if you believe that  your identity has been compromised, you should apply immediately for a free Protective Registration listing with Southern Africa Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS). This service alerts SAFPS members, which includes banks and credit providers, that your identity has been compromised and that additional care needs to be taken to confirm that they are transacting with the legitimate identity holder. You can for apply for a Protective Registration at

In addition, it is recommended that you contact your bank who will give you advice on how to protect yourself further from fraudsters.

At iFacts we have been asked if the data collected at the time of conducting credit checks on candidates would have been available during the Experian data breach and it is important for candidates and clients to know that data is not housed by iFacts and prior to any credit check being done on an individual that person has to give consent for the check to take place. 

In addition, the Act stipulates that a credit check may only be conducted on a candidate who is applying for a financial position and it may not be done on all job applicants.

Please rest assured that whilst iFacts is a registered credit bureau in terms of the National Credit Act no credit data may be shared via our online platform.

Should you require more information regarding this please contact This

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