With the ever-changing world we live in we, at iFacts, need to stay on top of the regulations regarding employee screening & vetting services.

The latest changes we have are related to credit checks. We are aware that many clients have used a credit check to verify contact details and employment information in a CV as candidates are often desperate to get finance and will give information willingly yet they will hide information on their CV’s  from potential employers.

Companies need to be aware that in order to request a credit check on an individual they need to have the consent of the individual and the job that they are applying for needs to warrant a credit check.

Based on an individual’s ID number, iFacts is now able to provide you with a Person Contact Trace, which will provide up to 5 previously listed telephone numbers & addresses and up to five previously listed employers. This check together with a Bank Account Verification can provide great value in the vetting process.

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