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Globally, 25% of employees quit on their first day at a new job. 

Only 44% of employees say they had a positive experience on their first day.

Typically, companies have a belief that their induction programme is up to date and that the HR department imparts a fantastic impression on to new employees. However, iFacts has found some startling contradictions:

  • 20% of employees do not have access to the correct tools or technology on their first day at the office;
  • 40% of employees do not understand the purpose of how their work integrates into the organisation; and
  • After the initial 3 months, only 40% of employees feel that they have properly integrated into the business.


To ensure that a company has a fully engaged employee in as short a time as possible, iFacts suggests that an Online Onboarding Assessment be issued to all new employees. This is best conducted after an employee has been at the company for an initial period of 3 months. iFacts is then able to automatically compile a set of results which will allow the matters that require attention to be addressed urgently. This means that important matters are not necessarily left for the first official employee appraisal, which occurs much later.


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