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You spoke and We Listened: iFacts 2015 Client Service Review

iFacts_Newsletter Image_ou spoke and We Listened-iFacts 2015 Client Service Review

At iFacts we believe that client feedback empowers us to improve and provide the best service possible. Following the results of our annual service review, we asked you how you felt about our service and we discovered the following:

  • 60% of our clients have been with us for 3 years or more
  • 87% of our clients are very happy with our service
  • 82% of our clients found our services very reliable
  • 87% of our clients said our turnaround times were great
  • 90% of our clients rated our service of a very high quality


Through our results we discovered that 21% of our clients do not have an employee screening policy. Due to the importance of these policies in operating a successful business, iFacts will be running monthly training sessions in 2016 that will focus on the development and maintenance of employee screening policies in the workplace.


Please contact us on or visit us at and see our calendar to view a full schedule of upcoming training sessions.


Finally – Thank-you for letting us be of service. We sincerely appreciate the time you spent assisting us in the completion of the iFacts Client Service Survey.

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