Aug 5, 2013

South African workers are concerned that their pay falls short of their performance in the workplace. A new survey by iFacts, a SA screening, integrity and employee satisfaction organisation, was modelled on a similar investigation conducted by Aon Hewitt, a global risk management consultancy, that sampled some 2,500 organisations internationally. The iFacts probe found some disturbing trends apparent in the South African workplace.

The survey, designed to throw some light onto employees’ perception of their jobs and their employers, offered some disturbing insight. The investigation sampled 4 000 respondents in SA and presented “a picture of conflicting expectations and identified critical areas for employers to confront. A major finding was that in general, employees believe they’re doing a good job and feel they deserve better pay and conditions,” said iFacts’ CEO Jenny Reid.
The epidemic of industrial action virtually across the South African economy could be contagious, heightening temperatures and impatience for better pay and conditions and contributing to general dissatisfaction in the workplace.
“The investigation shows a worrying trend,” said Ms Reid. “The results reveal some wide gaps between employee expectations on, especially, remuneration for high job performance, and we would encourage companies to put in place remedial measures with strong management-staff interventions.”
She points out that SA is not alone in the rising tide of employee discontent. 
“It’s an international condition,” she says. “Companies everywhere are facing economic challenges which in turn often create instability in the work force. Now, more than ever, companies need to demonstrate effective communication and strong leadership,” said Ms Reid.
She reports that the survey results were well received by the management of participating organisations “as food for thought and an important catalyst for employer-employee interaction”.
Some of the iFacts’ survey highlights
·      49% of respondents believe that they are loyal to their employer
·      60% of employees know what is expected of them in the workplace
·      65% think their job is important
·      38% believe their companies give them the right equipment to satisfactorily perform their jobs
·      20% believe they are paid fairly
·      30% believe their employer allows them to communicate honestly with management and that their suggestions are taken seriously
·      30% believe they are treated with respect by their employer
·      35% have received training in the past 12 months
·      35% have had performance feedback in the last 12 months
·      38% are committed to giving good customer service
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