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What would your boss say about your news feed?

iFacts_Newsletter_FEB 2016_Impact of social media on job seekers


Like it or not, the rise in popularity of social media over the last decade has made it a key step in the recruitment process for many companies around the world.


Social media gives employers the opportunity to conduct background checks, personality assessments, and see what kind of person you are before you’ve even exchanged a single word.


The key is to moderate the content that appears on your social media feeds, particularly if they’re easily accessible to the public. Nobody is telling you to stop your social life or not enjoy holiday festivities. Rather be discerning about the type of content and photos that make it onto your Facebook post.


A large number of employers have admitted to denying applications based on their discoveries of applicants’ social media profiles. Provocative and otherwise inappropriate photos might give a potential employer a negative perception of your character. Bad mouthing previous employers is also a big no-no when it comes to social media.


Your shirtless, table-dancing frolics might be highly amusing to your friends, but may not create the best impression with the person you are trying to assure that you are responsible and productive employee. The key is to ensure that your social media presence portrays you in a way that shows you know how to enjoy life but make good decisions.


Cultivate your personal brand image

Instead of filling your Facebook feed with pictures of you with drink in hand, take the opportunity to use it as a marketing platform. Think of yourself as a brand – high-profile brands work hard to curate a brand image that helps consumers perceive them as good, fun, energetic, all positive traits. Apply the same concept to your personal brand by showing off the positive aspects of your personality. Do you volunteer at the SPCA on the weekends? Slip in a photo or two of you feeding the puppies.

Employers like to see applicants that exhibit a level of professionalism and accountability for their actions, meaning that if you apply these concepts to your social media feeds then you’ll make yourself a more attractive candidate. Don’t go overboard and try be someone you’re not, just highlight the positive aspects of your personal life and reap the rewards.


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