The Sounds of Silence

Mar 1, 2013

Jenny Reid, president of SASA (Security Association of South Africa) said that the organisation would love to work more closely with government. “This is especially relevant with regard to the industry provident fund and compliance of security companies. However, we do realise that PSIRA (Private Security Regulatory Authority), as a representative of government, does not have sufficient resources to visit all non-compliant companies. This is where a collaborative effort would work, by pooling our resources and delegating tasks.”

Adding insult to injury, according to Reid, is the fact that government utilises the services of non-compliant private security companies. “It is easy to understand the frustration of companies that play by the rule book. Obviously, in many cases your compliant companies charge more than the non-compliant ones as they are generally investing substantial portions of their profits in training and compliance issues. Government needs to support those companies who go the extra mile to remain compliant.”
Reid pointed out that non-compliance is in fact grounds for companies to be held criminally liable. “An education process, spearheaded by government and industry is necessary and I believe that a bargaining council would be the solution to opening the doors for effective communication to take place.”

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