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Service Update: iFacts is officially a PDA International Africa Partner

iFacts is pleased to announce that having completed the required training programme, it now boasts three PDA (Personal Development Analysis) Analysts.




PDA is a highly accurate personality and behavioural assessment tool, which uses simple, precise and scientific methodology to discover and analyse an individual’s behaviour profile. In addition, PDA evaluates the behavioural and competency requirements of a specific job. The result is that the right candidates are selected and developed from the outset of the recruitment process. PDA International is the leading Global Brand in Online Behaviour Assessments, and has been used on over 32 countries around the world for the past 15 years.

Candidates simply complete a simple 10-15 minute online questionnaire, which should be carried out in a spontaneous manner without any interruptions. The PDA Analyst then uses this information to compile the Behavioural Profile Report. This assessment is a reliable, scientifically-validated tool, which has been specifically developed to identify and predict the behaviour of individuals in organisations. It measures and provides a highly accurate assessment of the individual’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Energy, while also providing Person-to-Job and Competency Percentage Match.


PDA includes the following features:

  • Behavioural /Personality / Emotional intelligence (EQ) and Energy Assessment
  • Valid and reliable
  • Cost-effective
  • Online cloud technology testing platform
  • Ownership of the PDA system is free-of-charge with no licence fees
  • Time-effective (takes only 15 minutes to complete)
  • PDA system compares candidates against job profiles and competencies at no extra cost
  • PDA includes an E-learning option for on-going training at no extra cost
  • The MyPDACoach feature is a six week online customised self-development E-Coaching journey, which prepares individuals for certain positions or develops areas where they may need further assistance.


For a quick introduction to PDA click on the following link:



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