Security Industry Trends for 2014

Nov 24, 2013

Are you expecting any exciting new products to appear on the market in 2014? If yes, please briefly state what they are and why you think 2014 is the year your selection will hit the limelight? Alternatively, will we see and products fading out as they are overtaken by newer solutions?
At iFacts we are very excited about a number of new solutions that we have launched over the past year and look forward to greater demand for these solutions in 2014. What may be of specific interest to the security industry and HR personnel is our new biometrics solution.
As part of our people risks services, iFacts now also offers a new biometric service – the iFactsID – an Identity Management tool in a cloud-based form.
The orientation process of a new employee must be thorough, not only from a security viewpoint but also to instil confidence in the new employee. Along with background, credit and criminal record checks, biometrics is an important element in managing security risks for employees.
iFactsID is an online, real-time, cloud offering for biometrics, signature and ID photo enrolment and verification. All you need is a device, a workstation, and an internet connection to begin enrolling yourself and members of your organisation. Once the initial process is completed, you will be able to prove your identity as well as that of any other enrolee from anywhere is the world.
By using smart security solutions when it comes to the health of an employee, you are assured on a healthy, productive an engaged employee. Often a biometric screening includes a brief health history questionnaire, as well as checks on blood pressure, BMI index measurements, and other Risk Ration checks. At all times, employees must be ensured of confidentiality. The biometric assessments may be linked to incentive or reward programmes.
Please give us your personal opinion on what you expect from the security industry next year, whether from an economic, civil, societal, technology or regulatory perspective. What do you foresee happening over the coming year?
I believe that 2014 will be a more positive year for the security industry in South Africa. While the local economy is taking longer than hoped to gain positive momentum, things are certainly moving in the right direction and South Africa’s economy continues to grow. With that is a positive influence on all of South Africa’s industry sectors, including security.
2014 is going to be an interesting year for South Africa, for one thing we will have our next round of national elections and the whole country is ready for positive change and growth. We believe this will bode well for all sectors, and also bring a great deal of global interest to our shores.
For the security industry itself, I think we can expect to see more amalgamations and mergers, not just from a private companies perspective, but I also believe that more industry associations will work more closely together, such as the recent amalgamation that took place between SASA and SSEO.
And speaking of regulations, will we see better, tougher regulation and enforcement of the industry cowboys in 2014, or is government about to throw a stick in the spokes and damage the industry.
I think we all continue to hope for more enforcement when it comes to curbing the fly-by-night security companies. I don’t think that we are against industry regulation; we just sometimes feel that it is misdirected. It’s so often the law-abiding companies that feel the brunt of pressure brought about by new regulation while illegal entities continue to operate without feeling any impact. I hope that in this coming year the industry bodies and associations will have the opportunity to work more closely with the Regulator to help root out the problem of non-compliance.
If you had one wish that you could make for the security industry in South Africa as a whole in 2014, what would it be and why?
For people to put personal issues and agendas aside and work together for the greater good of the industry. Those of us involved in the industry that have its best interests at heart need to get on the same page and work together. If we keep at loggerheads with each other, we will never solve the issue of non-compliance. 
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