Scary Health Statistics this Halloween

Oct 21, 2014

Scary Health Statistics this Halloween

If you think that zombies, ghosts and witches are scary, that’s nothing compared to what researchers say we are doing to our health.

In South Africa we lose some R15 billion per annum and 132 million workdays due to premature employee deaths related to cardio-vascular disease (high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and obesity), and over R20 billion is currently lost as a result of absenteeism and lower productivity related to illness and disability (sources: SACOB).

In a study conducted by Discovery Health (Healthy Company Index 2011) it showed that 82% of employees don’t meet the required physical activity guidelines:
• 63% of employees are at an unhealthy weight and a further 25% are obese
• 76-100% of employees are inactive at work for at least half their working day
• 43.4% of all employees had five or more risk factors
• 24.3% reported having one or more chronic condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, lung disease or high cholesterol.

Research has also shown that employees are disengaged from their work. Ask the average South African the highlight of their work day and they will probably say – home time!A dispirited workforce leads to poor internal relationships and external relationships with customers and suppliers.

The truth is that if an employee’s wellbeing is not addressed holistically, it can have a significant impact on their work ethic and work performance. This can lead to stress and vulnerability. Absenteeism and poor work performance becomes a headache for the overloaded HR practitioner having to deal with disciplinary and corrective procedures.

Communication in any organisation is important. It helps employees feel connected and engaged in an inclusive corporate culture. An integrated wellness programme will help employees achieve a work-life balance and streamline the communication process. It also provides HR with important information, which will help them make better decisions in the future.

At iFacts, we believe that businesses that offer a wellness programme will see the benefit in their financial performances. This applies to both big and small businesses in South Africa. Employees also needto take ownership of their work—and their own lives outside of work—so that every employee is committed, positive and productive.

Engagement via a wellness programme is often the answer. When you know what is going on in your employees’ lives, you will be more aware of where risks lie and foster a more creative, productive and happier life for everyone in the office or factory.

iFacts offers its clients a unique and comprehensive Employee Wellness Programme, providing its clients with the tools necessary to create a culture of well-being and employee health that boosts staff morale and positively reduces absenteeism, staff turnover and healthcare costs. These services include extensive and tailor-made Employee Wellness Programmes that are unique to the organisation and its employees, as well as inspirational teambuilding activities and essential counselling and health screening services to assist employees in managing personal and financial challenges.

Non-Negotiable Health Screening Check List:
• Mammograms
• Testicular and Prostate Cancer Screening
• Diabetes
• Blood Pressure
• Diabetes
• Osteoporosis
• Mental Health (Depression and Anxiety)

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