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Are you ready for the seasonal worker rush?



Business tends to ebb and flow with the seasons, and although most South African organisations experience a steady decline in operations as we move towards the infamous December / January festive season shutdown, there are certain types of businesses that actually call this their busiest time of the year.



With that in mind and depending on what your staff leave policies are, your business may require additional labour resources, known as temporary or contractual employees. So is your business ready for the contract worker rush and what do you need to know to safeguard your business during this time.



General Labour Laws still apply

When it comes to those issues like harassment, occupational health and safety and discrimination, minimum wage, work hours and child labour, your company is obliged to comply. Brush up on your knowledge where general labour laws are concerned and get those temporary contracts in place. Consult a labour law expert to assist you with the details.



Go through an agency

When choosing a temp agency for the first time, you will need to spend some time selecting one that meets your particular needs. Have a look at their websites to find out how long they’ve been in business, and the types of workers and services they provide. Some agencies focus on a particular line of work; i.e., accounting/finance or healthcare. Choose one that knows the ins and outs of your particular sector.



Background Checks and Employee Screening

Some businesses tend to leave contract hiring until the last minute and then overlook this important aspect. It’s a mistake to assume that a temporary worker doesn’t require this process. The entire point of contractual staff is that they can hit the ground running and be an asset to your business rather than a liability. So consult an Employee Screening Services provider and get those vital checks out the way as the very wellbeing of your business depends on it.



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