R16 billion lost to time-wasting workers

Sep 6, 2014

HR services and screening firm, iFacts says that employees wasting time at work could be costing business billions.

Citing Salary.com’s 2014 Wasting Time at Work Survey, 89% of the 750 US workers interviewed admitted to wasting between 30 minutes and 5 hours a day on non-work related activities.

Further, data from Occupational Care South Africa (OCSA) and Statistics South Africa shows that the South African economy loses between R12- to R16-billion a year as a result of absent workers, iFacts said.

This paints a picture of employee disengagement and ineffective management lines, iFacts said.

“A dispirited workforce leads to poor internal relationships and external relationships with customers and suppliers. It may even weaken security in some cases,” the group said.

In South Africa, employee issues go beyond disengagement, iFacts said, with criminal and fraudulent activity – inside and outside the workplace – impacting morale further.

Beyond that, absenteeism and poor work performances also have a negative impact.

An average of 15% of staff are absent on any given day – though only one in three people who do not go to work are actually ill.

IFact said that the best solution to combat worker time wasting, insecurity and low morale is to engage with them via a wellness programme.

“Communication in any organisation is important. It helps employees feel connected and engaged in an inclusive corporate culture.”

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