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Proud To Launch Integrity Training

Is it because lockdown has highlighted corruption in South Africa or have people just become more aware of the high levels of corruption with the corrupt PPE deals involving many government officials? Regardless of the answer corruption is most certainly on the lips of almost every single South African today.

For some years now iFacts has offered online integrity assessments which have generally been used to assess the integrity of individuals prior to employment. Sadly we have not seen much uptake on the ongoing assessment of existing employees and this lead us to question whether or not companies who claim to have ethics and integrity as part of their values, really understood integrity.

As a result of our discussions re this we have engaged with Charissa Bloomberg of Hidden Dimensions Corporate Training Consultants who says that integrity is ‘doing the right thing in all aspects of one’s life’. She believes that the confusion over this word – which is found in corporate vision and mission statements the world over – is that even if people think they understand what integrity is, that they don’t necessarily know how to apply it in in their everyday lives.

So, even if you know what integrity means, that it does not necessarily mean that you know how to apply it practically in the work environment , e.g. in being punctual, being honest, acting truthfully and basically keeping your word and doing what you say you are going to do.

Charissa Bloomberg is a celebrity psychologist, integrity leadership specialist and a corporate trainer. Professor Thuli Madonsela is the patron of her integrity work, and Charissa has also had the honour of working for her as her project manager.

In conjunction with Hidden Dimensions, iFacts now offers a full range of customised integrity training programmes. These programmes will be designed to encourage true integrity in your company. We look forward to making an impact on your team. Remember “integrity costs nothing, but when you lose it, you lose everything” C. Bloomberg.

Charissa Bloomberg – Hidden Dimensions

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