Potential syndicate tactic

Oct 31, 2012

 The story goes that a company received a phone call that a potential client wanted to buy its equipment. Apparently the real customer has been doing business with this company for many years. Half an hour before the sales person, Gerrit Tromp was due to leave for the meeting, they phoned and said their offices are in disarray due to the fact that they were moving to new premises and would like to meet at a nearby restaurant.

Here they ordered coffee for him and kept on advising him to drink it. Within the first 20 minutes Tromp noticed they had no technical experience and cut the meeting short and left. On the R21 he called a colleague and reported, “he thinks that he has been drugged. I advised him to pull over and sent two people to assist him… .
“Within a few minutes I received a phone call from him again that a VW golf pulled in behind him and two people jumped out running towards his car. Realising the danger he sped off towards the airport police. At the airport he collapsed and an ambulance was requested, later going into cardiac arrest.”
Blood tests showed he had ingested dangerous drugs. It appears this technical sales person was targeted and it may be an indication of a new attack by criminal syndicates.
Hi-Tech Security Solutions has no further information on the event, but advises caution.
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