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How personalized service builds a stronger business

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If there is one mantra that holds true in any industry, it’s that service is everything.


With the global market saturated with thousands of businesses all offering the same products and services, service has become the key differentiator between a successful company and a bust. As the popular saying goes, “The customer is always right??? and, while there are often times that put this idea to the test, the best way to ensure a loyal customer base is to treat them right.


The most successful companies handle their customers with care. For larger corporations this becomes more challenging as their consumer base grows exponentially, but for small businesses competing in local markets, there is no reason to skimp on service. Understanding how to provide world class service will not only ensure return business, but boost your brand’s profile in the average consumer’s consideration set and potentially lead to new business leads.


The gift of social media

Social media is more than just something your employees do when they’re not feeling productive at work. With the boom in social media platforms in recent years, businesses of all sizes are now able to access massive audiences online to market to, as well as giving consumers channels through which they can directly interface with your brand.


The value of social media as a marketing platform is a story for another day. The focus here is on the communication potential it offers brands and how this allows companies to interact on a more personal basis with their consumers. By at least establishing a social media presence on channels such as Facebook and Twitter, you immediately open your brand up to interaction with the public and creating the opportunity to provide a more personal brand of service.


Make it personal

One of the biggest mistakes companies make is giving generic, automated responses to customer queries, regardless of the channel they’re sent on. Copy-pasted emails, social media responses, or even one of the dreaded ‘Contact Us’ forms on your website can make a company’s service feel robotic. Take the time carefully respond to queries where necessary in order to ensure that your customers are getting the personalized service they deserve.


Building iFacts’ reputation

Personalized service lies at the heart of the iFacts business model, focusing on providing our clients with unparalleled service that sets us apart (even from the big players). Considered by many to be industry experts in the field of employee screening and business services, iFacts have developed a reputation for cutting edge technologies and fast project turnaround times that are tied together with personalized service to give our clients the world-class service they deserve.


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