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“Lessons??? in Leadership from SAA



“We are concerned about executives who are leaking sensitive information to the media??? And no wonder she’s concerned. This was uttered by none other than the woman who thousands believe will soon force our national airline carrier into a crash landing situation.



Dudu Myeni, recently renamed Dudu Myeni-Zuma, by Julius Malema, in no small part due to her unusually close and special friendship with our President, has made a series of bizarre utterances over the past year, including: “My incompetence is a myth??? and “I cannot be blamed for the mess at SAA???

Well the truth of the matter is that as the now bizarrely re-appointed chairperson of the board, yes you can! The infamous Ms Dudu, who apparently holds a secondary school teacher diploma has been at the centre of the SAA controversy for some time. The SAA Pilots Association has been raising the alarm bells for a while, but their cries have been hushed by Dudu as nothing but bitterness, racism and sexism.



Then in December last year the unthinkable Nenegate Saga provided not only an almost fatal blow to our economy, but a bitter reminder of just how far one man will go to get his own way. Without delving too far into the details because we have all heard them over and over verbatim, but thousands of parts in this messy jigsaw have not taken too long to come together.



Since Dudu’s re-appointment to the board, Finance Minister Gordhan has approved a R5 billion guarantee for the ailing parastatal, adding that he does not perceive Dudu as an “all-powerful person??? who can do as she pleases and that a competent CEO must be appointed as soon as possible. Obviously this decision was met with dismay by various members of parliament. Insiders at SAA have said that Dudu runs the company like it’s her own private outfit, that the wasteful expenditure and abuse of power is nauseating to say the least.



So what do we take from this? Here’s a former secondary school teacher who has replaced more than seven CEOs, running a multi-billion outfit into the ground, and once again we as tax payers can do nothing but watch it happen.



Where do we begin to set the example? The very nature of our business warns companies about the pitfalls of hiring incompetent, inexperienced and unqualified employees. We hold private companies to a high standard, while the pillars of our state start to crumble. If government does anything positive in this case, its showing us what not to do. Dudu is simply an incompetent greed monger who is being held in place by a very powerful ally. It’s time for change. For now, Myeni’s empire remains intact, but surely South Africa deserves better?

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