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Know Your Driver




In light of the recent investigation by the City of Johannesburg which has uncovered nearly 1 000 instances of fraud within the Licensing Department as well as the staggering death toll on our roads this festive season, iFacts Director Jenny Reid urges companies to ask themselves whether or not their drivers are in fact legally license

Too often we read of tragic road accidents and incidents whereupon investigation is it established that the individual involved did not have a valid driver’s license. This is not only costly to the parties involved but often fatal and can result in accident claims being rejected by your insurance company because the organization/individual involved was not compliant. The cost of the 3rd party claims due to the non-compliance of a driver may end up crippling a company financially, in addition to causing significant reputational damage.

At iFacts, we verify drivers’ licenses and public driving permits.  In 2016  8% of the drivers licenses checked were either invalid or fraudulently obtained and 35% of the public driving permits were invalid.

The City of Johannesburg Mayor, Herman Mashaba stated that between January 2008 and February 2016, 972 alleged fraudulent transactions at licensing centres – with a total value of R14 717 444 – were identified within the City of Johannesburg. The worst affected centres were Langlaagte, Sandton and Martindale.

This festive season saw fatal car crashes increase by a massive 17% during the early December 2016 festive period, with 82% of accidents caused by human error. This means that 1406 deaths were caused by drivers that either had no knowledge of or respect for the laws of the road, or respect for the sanctity of the lives of their fellow motorists. Sadly, 1406 lives could have been saved if South African motorists simply abided by the country’s road laws.

The correlation between the number of fraudulent licenses and the number of deaths on our road is an obvious one. It alsoshows the significanceof verifying your employees Driver’s Licenses and PDPs. Know your driver.

A simple verification that their license was legally obtained is valid and that its code is suitable for the driver’s vehicle is essential for companies who require their employees to travel or drive company vehicles on their behalf.

iFacts enables you to verify all of your employees’ licensing and credentials, simply, efficiently and affordably.


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