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Jenny Reid of SASA responds to issues re the private security industry in South Africa

Jenny Reid, MD of iFacts and president of SASA has a similar view on the Amendment Bill, noting that it is a serious concern for business. Most people in the industry thought it had been sent back for more work, but it is actually under consideration. The question of foreign ownership is confusing since most of the large guarding companies have some foreign ownership and there is no clear reason for the sudden turn against them.
Reid says PSIRA, the minister and industry need to work together to make the private security industry work. Arguing will not reduce South Africa’s high crime rate or create a better life for everybody.
SASA is determined to work more closely with PSIRA to find ways of more effectively dealing with non-compliant and unregistered companies. Reid says the move to compliance must come from within the industry as well as from consumers of security services who need to be educated as to the benefits of only hiring compliant suppliers.

Once again, Reid agrees with Rosenbaum in that the industry has personality clashes which often prevents it acting in concert. However, she says SASA is focused on supporting any company that is compliant with PSIRA regulations. 


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