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Investigations and employee screening can be conducted over the phone using the iFacts voice stress analysis test

Current trends indicate that people and organisations are actually moving away from the traditional Polygraph test (the one made famous by movies), to the Voice Stress Analysis (VSA). Opinions do differ in terms of which method is better, but the industry is certainly moving in the direction of the VSA.

At iFacts we promote Voice Stress Testing as a means of truth verification as we believe it a more friendly test and if the truth be known 80% of people tested are innocent. 

Using this means of assessment is as reliable as traditional polygraph technology and like a polygraph is used for the purpose of “detection of deception”. The VSA does not take into account the tone or pitch of the voice it merely measures “micro-tremors” in the voice which are linked to the stimulation of the central nervous system when the questions are posed. As the body responds to the stress the muscles in the throat tighten and the basic frequency of the voice changes.

An additional benefit is that the VSA test can be done via phone.


  • The subject must be informed the test will take place and sign consent.
  • The subject must be in a quiet office with no interfering noise.
  • Prior to the test the examiner will ensure the quality of the call meets the required standards.
  • The subject must sit still during the test.
  • It is recommended that a witness is present to ensure that the subject does not interfere with sound quality or moves unnecessarily.


  • Ensuring all relevant documentation is complete and correct prior to the call being made.
  • Ensuring the quality of the call is suitable for testing.
  • Initiating the call.
  • Informing the subject of the reasons for the call.
  • Terminating the call.
  • Recording of the call to ensure the correct tests can be conducted.
  • Providing the client with a professionally completed report.

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