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Integrity Testing

iFacts is an official partner of Integrity International (INTEG) to offer the widest range of psychometric and integrity tests. These tests adhere to the critical psychometric properties of reliability, validity and fairness. The tests are subjected to continuous research and upgrading to adhere to any significant changes and requirements in the market.


Integrity testing in the workplace has been used for more than three decades in countries around the world. In fact, it was developed when the use of lie detectors was prohibited in the US. In South Africa, the demand for integrity employee testing has grown significantly in recent years.

The ethics of people working for you can be probed with background investigations, qualification and education verification, credit checks. As a way to solidify these findings, an integrity test is increasingly required by businesses in South Africa. An integrity test will measure areas of personality and identify a possible personality pattern that will raise a red flag.


Probably the best benefit of integrity testing is that this test will measure the suitability of a candidate for a position. Furthermore, knowing that their integrity is being tested and validated is a positive experience for an employee. It creates greater consciousness of expected values and behaviours. It creates a platform for transparency, accountability and fairness within the company.


It is never too early to start with integrity testing at your company. Click here for our Integrity Testing Sample Reports

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