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iFacts offers a free ID verification with any South African background check submitted


ID theft has become a high-profile crime in South Africa, with thousands of cases of people having their identity stolen and given to illegal immigrants in the country. This not only poses a logistical problem for government and employers throughout South Africa, but also jeopardises the future of legitimate South African citizens.

Recent figures suggest that identity fraud in South Africa has cost in excess of billions per year in recent times. ID theft remains the top crime of all time, where over 930 million confidential records have been lost globally. At iFacts we have committed to providing our clients with the kind of industry leading service that will help tackle this issue head on.

Our goal is to ensure that every potential employee is thoroughly vetted and verified to safeguard both your company and your existing employees. Conducted through the Department of Home Affairs instead of third-party credit bureaus, this allows for a more reliable result that reveals whether the ID number belongs to the specific individual and whether they’re even alive (deceased ID numbers are being recirculated, making them more difficult to track).


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