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iFacts Services Highlight: Ethics and Integrity

Good Corporate Governance and sound ethical practices are key elements to ensuring business and organisational success. Determining the level of integrity and the prevailing ethical climate inside an organisation is an integral part of good Corporate Governance.

Ethics is a branch of philosophy that investigates the values and principles by which we live. Once your organisation has defined its set of values, it’s important to establish and implement Human Resources orientation and education programmes to ensure compliance across the board.

When it comes to integrity, firms invest considerable resources in an attempt to reduce misconduct by establishing strict controls and procedures, including surveillance, monitoring, and disciplinary procedures.

However, it’s often too little too late. Early, positive action is the best route to counter employee misconduct, and the first step should be to filter the unreliable and the troublemakers, if possible at the stage of candidacy.

iFacts is a member of the Unashamedly Ethical and one of South Africa’s most experienced integrity assurance firms. In partnership with Integrity International, iFacts offers a range of online integrity tests. iFacts has also partnered with Integrity International (INTEG) to offer the widest range of psychometric and integrity tests. These tests adhere to the critical psychometric properties of reliability, validity and fairness. The tests are subjected to continuous research and upgrading to adhere to any significant changes and requirements in the market.

Come and discuss the range of testing categories with us. One is sure to meet your requirements


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