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iFacts Service Update

iFacts_Newsletter_JAN 2016-Service update

Beware of fake qualifications!

Unfortunately, the fake qualifications scourge shows no signs of letting up, and while the Department of Higher Education has committed to rooting out the problem, organisational leaders are well advised to take control of the matter, long before it creeps into your organisation leading to reputational damage and even financial ruin. iFacts offers a comprehensive bouquet of services that will ensure that those employees hired meet all of your qualification criteria. For more information contact iFacts directly on


Is this candidate a good fit?

So the candidate CV looks good and the interview process was a success, but does this candidate really fulfil the requirements of the position that your organisation is offering? Contact iFacts today to find out more about assessments that will help analyse your new candidate’s employability and suitability to the position. For more information contact iFacts directly on





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