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iFacts Service Update: E-Learning for Career Growth

Did you know that iFacts has developed extensive career development and planning tools aimed at organisations and individuals. This service takes into account the requirements for maximum efficiency and performance at both company and individual level, which will ultimately deliver happy employees and greater productivity.


Career Development Planning:

The iFacts Career Development Planning programmes assists individuals and organisation employees to map out their future growth and development. A career plan helps determine skills levels and interests, what career best suits an applicant’s talents, and what skills and training are required for a chosen career.



iFacts provides essential online training and course material for its clients’ employees and individuals who wish to learn more in their field of expertise. For companies these services include online induction training that provides employees, contractors and even suppliers with a thorough understanding of the organisation, helping newcomers to settle in quickly.


Executive Coaching:

iFacts has partnered with Performance Booster to offer its clients a range of Executive Coaching and Employee Training. Companies are always looking new ways to inspire and motivate their staff, increase productivity and staff satisfaction. The Performance Booster Programme is based on the principles that people need to be given the tools to inspire and motivate themselves, to affect and change their own behaviour and to make emotionally intelligent decisions about their own lives.





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