iFacts rebrands and expands

Oct 8, 2012

It doesn’t seem a dozen years that we as Orange and iFacts have been on this fascinating and ever-changing journey as practitioners in the South African private security sector. Our formative years were spent in innovation and understanding the way the way the security environment was changing and contributing to its development with ideas of our own. I believe that our success can be measured alongside the enjoyment and satisfaction we’ve had in getting it right.
It has been a journey of many first steps. Having taken the first, many others were there to be taken also. And many others lie ahead.
For a number of years we have operated both the Orange and iFacts companies believing that the purely physical security aspects should be separate from the human proactive and reactive requirements of our services. But as we expanded we came to recognise the wisdom in how each reached for the same goals and would work smarter and faster together.
Now we’re iFacts, pure and simple. In our rebranding we have strengthened our logo and have repositioned ourselves as partners with the corporate environment: we are  business’s shield against dishonesty. Our claim is: “We remove the people risk”
The company has been around since 2001 and I became its sole shareholder in 2009. Its growth has been gratifying – increasing the number of applicant and post employment checks by 9% in 2011 and by 125% so far this year, employing a further three people in that department. In 2010 we offered 29 types of checks and increased that number to the 49 different online checks we do now. Ever watchful of the dynamics of change we have added  integrity checks, ethics and happiness at work assessments along with a vendor verification programme.
The value of employee checks – either at the application stage or after employment – is amply evidenced in statistics gathered over the past year.
6% of security guards checked were not registered with PSIRA
9% of people checked had judgements taken against them
8% of international qualifications checked were invalid
6% of matric certificates were invalid
8% of public driving permits were invalid
7% of people checked had criminal records
6% of ID numbers were invalid
33% of work permits were invalid
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