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iFacts (Pty) Ltd is proud to be fully compliant with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA).

POPIA will finally commence from 1 July 2020 and all the requirements that relate to the protection of personal information will then come into force.

As POPIA applies to all local and foreign organisations in South Africa that are collecting, using or handling consumers’ personal information, including names, identity numbers, ages and addresses, iFacts is proud to say that we have over the past few years worked hard to become and remain compliant with POPIA. We can assure that our customers’ interests are protected.

POPIA to-do list for businesses includes:

  • Identifying what personal information a business collects, from whom it is being collected and where it is stored; 
  • Training your management and employees on the requirements of POPIA and the regulations;
  • Ensuring that your policies, procedures and processes as they relate to POPIA are updated, approved and implemented;
  • Ensuring that your information security programme is sufficient to protect the personal information of individuals and juristic people;
  • Changing and updating communications in light of POPIA’s direct marketing provisions;
  • Considering consumers’ rights and how they will act on their right to withdraw consent; and
  • Amending contracts to include POPIA and other privacy related compliance clauses.

Regulated by the Information Regulator, POPIA will be the go-to piece of legislation for consumers when their personal information is abused, or companies don’t protect it sufficiently or demand personal information, such as their ID numbers, when it’s not necessary.

It is now time to get your company POPIA compliant and to protect consumers personal information.

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