iFacts New Service Launch: Social Media Screening

Oct 21, 2014

iFacts is pleased to announce that it now offers Social Media Screening Services. For many years we’ve provided commentary on social media, and how the way in which your employees conduct themselves on social media platforms, can impact your organisation. Now by popular demand, iFacts has launched Social Media Screening, as part of it bouquet of services.

Social Media Screening can benefit your company in two ways.

First of all, when looking at potential candidates for placement, a review of the candidates social media conduct, will provide a brief but clear insight into the employees’ sense of personality, responsibility and code of ethics. In short, you would be able to ascertain whether the candidate would be a good cultural fit for your organisation. iFacts also ensures that this process is ethical and transparent, so as not to make potential candidates feel like their privacy is being transgressed.

Secondly employees using social media on behalf of the organisation, or even in their personal capacity must still represent the company’s best interests. Just like wisecracking, bad-mannered or indifferent frontline staff can turn a client away from your brand, so can an ill-informed or unethical employee’s use of internal social media content at your company.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are becoming a popular communication trend in business. As a way to market and communicate with clients, social media has many benefits for your company. Unfortunately the trend sometimes comes with unforeseen ethical problems for the business. One bad tweet could end up hurting your sales, your image and your staff.

At the moment, iFacts believes, there is not always clarity on social media in terms of the Consumer Protection Act or even in the Basic Conditions of Employment Act. The first measure a company can take is to formalise the internal social media in a policy document. A workshop to debate the issue must devolve into structured training and guidance for employees, because both their and your reputations are at stake.

You can download a FREE social media policy

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