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iFacts is officially a PDA International Africa Partner

iFacts, is pleased to announce that having competed the required training programme, it now boasts three PDA (Personal Development Analysis) Analysts.

Effectively, what this means is that iFacts now offers the globally renowned PDA Behavioural Assessment to any companies looking to enhance their employee selection, leadership development, succession planning and talent management processes.

International research has shown that when employees understand what motivates them, they become happier, healthier and ultimately more motivated and successful at work. Understanding behaviours, as well as what motivates your co-workers, employees and yourself – translates into significant benefits for your organisation.

“PDA is an accurate personality and behaviour assessment tool, which uses simple, precise and scientific methodology to discover and analyse any person’s behaviour profile,??? says Jenny Reid, Managing Director of iFacts. “The more you know about a candidate’s behaviour and personality traits the more you know about what the best way to develop them,??? says Reid. “When matched with PDA’s ability to evaluate the behavioural and competency requirements of a specific job, the result is a scientifically measured person-to-job match.???

PDA offers a range of benefits to both companies and individuals. For companies, it provides the opportunity to optimise the candidate selection and talent development processes. For individuals, it provides a behavioural profile for self and career growth development.

“PDA International is the leading Global Brand in Online Behaviour Assessments, and has been used in over 32 countries around the world for the past 15 years,??? says Wade Cooper, Executive Director, PDA International Africa. “From blue chip listed entities to small and medium sized business, PDA is the perfect tool to identify, develop and retain organisational talent,??? he says.

PDA is quick and easy. Candidates simply complete a 10-15 minute online questionnaire and within minutes are provided with a precise diagnostic containing valuable information to make better decisions regarding selection, job-fit and development.

This assessment is a reliable, scientifically-validated tool, which has been specifically developed to identify and predict the behaviour of individuals in organisations. It measures and provides a highly accurate assessment of the individual’s Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Energy, while also providing Person-to-Job and Competency Percentage Match.

“Having completed the PDA analysis, organisations and individuals can tap into ongoing training and development to expand on individual potential even further,??? adds Reid.

My PDA Coach is a six -week E-learning course that candidates can take to develop those areas identified that required further refinement. For those candidates being groomed for high-level leadership positions, PDA offers one-on-one sessions with a business coach, which can be carried out over Skype.

According to Cooper, PDA is growing at such a rapid rate in Africa that it has developed a partner programme that offers HR companies and professionals focused on talent selection and people management, head hunting and recruiting – the opportunity to offer PDA to their client base as well.

“We are delighted to welcome iFacts as the latest member of our rapidly expanding partner programme, and look forward to working with them in future, to increase the growth of PDA in Africa,??? says Cooper.

“The more we know about what drives us as individuals in the workplace, the more we can use this information for further self-development, “ says Cooper. “PDA is one of those tools, which will help you develop those individuals that are so critical to your company’s success,??? he concluded.

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