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iFacts Employee Risk Conference

The iFacts Employee Risk Conference 2016





Hiring the wrong kind of employees can literally bring a company to its knees. This may sound far-fetched or outrageous. But the terrifying truth is that this statement is right on the mark.


Consider the risk to a restaurant owner whose employees are pocketing cash paid by customer’s during a power outage. What will become of the business owner whose sales team make false promises to customers and then don’t deliver? And what damage is being done by the bookkeeper in accounts who has quietly been falsifying the company’s financial situation for the past five years?


With South Africa on the brink of the toughest economic period it has ever faced it’s time to protect your company and keep the bad apples out before they get in.



You can’t afford to miss The iFacts Employee Risk Conference 2016.



Also introducing Special Keynote Speaker, Shani Zor Krebs, Author of the best-selling memoir, Dragons and Butterflies. Shani will join the iFacts conference and share his riveting story as a convicted drug trafficker, who spent 18 years in one of Thailand’s most dangerous prisons. Shani will also share on what it was like coming home and reintegrating back into society after spending almost two decades as a condemned criminal.


Date:                     Thursday 9 June 2016

Start time:          08:00am

End time:            14:00pm

Venue:                 The Focus Rooms, 1, The Core, Leeuwkop Road & Kikuyu road, Sunninghill, Jhb.

Cost:                      R500 per person


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Please note: Current iFacts clients will receive a R250 discount on Employee Screening credits. This offer is extended to non-iFacts clients who sign up for employee screening services on the day.

Any corporates booking a Drug Awareness in the Workplace talk on the day will get a 10% discount on the fees.


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