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26% of CVs verified are fraudulent

iFacts is pleased to present its annual service review, as well as the results of all our checks completed for the past year.


Major Milestones

We are delighted to announce some of the following major business milestones:

  • The introduction of seven South African licensees and one international licensee.
  • The introduction of our cloud criminal record checks via the AFISwitch system.
  • The introduction of ID Verification directly through the Department of Home Affairs as opposed to via the credit bureaus as has been done in the past.
  • The introduction of our Personal Development Appraisal tool, one of the most accurate behavioural assessments ever seen.
  • The significant growth in the use of our online HR and Employee Satisfaction surveys.


Annual Check Results

While iFacts completes in excess of 20 000 checks per month, some of the major trends identified over the past year are as follows:

  • 26% of the CVs verified showed discrepancies.  This is very much in line with international trends where people are telling at least one lie or presenting an exaggeration on their CV.


  • 22% of people checked have bad credit records and 6% have been listed with the local fraud prevention dates.  This is in line with figures from the past years but shows a slight increase and not decrease.  Remember that employees in financial difficulty can potentially pose a massive financial risk to any organisation.


  • 9% of people checked have been convicted and have a criminal record.  Another troubling trend here is the significantly low conviction rate in South Africa as well as the reluctance by companies to report employee crime, either due to a fear of possible reputational damage or due to a lack of faith in the judicial system.


  • 10% of the drivers’ licenses verified are fraudulent or invalid.  The risk to a company remains that insurance will not pay out a claim if the drivers’ license is not valid.


  • 3% of candidates checked have a track record of taking employers to the CCMA.  Whilst this may not be a risk it is something to be considered if you are going to be involved in ongoing labour activity with this future employee.


  • 6% of association verifications are found to be fraudulent.  In certain industries it must be noted that these businesses are not allowed to conduct business without the relevant certification, this means that 6% of current operators may be illegal.


  • When doing supply chain verification we find that 43% of the directorship claims are fraudulent.  This is a massive area of concern that is not receiving enough attention in many businesses.


Employee Screening & Investigations Infograph CLICK HERE to view


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