Before hiring casual employees – consider the risks

Nov 12, 2014

Temporary staff placements can be a lifesaver, when your company needs some additional resources. However there are some important factors to consider before entering into an agreement with casual workers.

Due to the very nature of the need for casual staff, these individuals often need to hit the ground running. There’s less time to focus on training requirements, and the appointed staff need to be able to adapt to the company’s specific needs very quickly.

Fitting in:
Temporary staff work alongside permanent employees, often for months on end, but aren’t afforded the same benefits as their permanent co-workers. This can often cause issues such as low morale to creep in.

Health and Safety:
Casual employees may not be as familiar with the organisation’s Health and Safety policy, and careful care must be taken to bring them up to speed for certain placements that carry inherent risks.

The law has changed dramatically over the past few years, and your organisation must ensure that you are following good governance when taking in casual staff. The SA Labour Guide provides detailed advice on how to proceed in this regard.

Just as you would perform the usual pre-employment screening process, never neglect this part o the hiring process, particularly when it comes to casual staff. It is vital that all the members of your organisation both permanent and casual have been exposed to the same pre-employment screening process to avoid your company falling prey to theft, fraud and corruption.

The upside:
All risks taken into consideration, casual employees can be a massive asset to your organisation. They provide a valuable reserve to fill the gap when permanent staff are absent for various reasons, some additional resources during peak periods, and also can have a positive impact on productivity. Organisations may even have the opportunity to evaluate casual employee performance with a view to offering these individuals a permanent placement.

It is also highly recommended that you work with a reputable agency when considering casual employee placements. Agencies often offer a tailor-made solution, provide causal employees with training and even carry the burden of paperwork, payroll expenses and tax implications.

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